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Andra and BGE of Germany intensify cooperation on waste management issues

The first meeting of the partnership agreement between Andra and BGE, the agency in charge of radioactive waste management in Germany, took place during the Mining Forum in Berlin on 27 June

The German and French delegates

In Germany, questions relating to the geological disposal of high-level waste arise and are debated in the context of nuclear phase out . As a result, this partnership agreement allows the two agencies to focus their discussions on fundamental issues of waste management: the place and role of civil society in decisions to be taken, transparency and public and stakeholders' confidence, the preservation and transmission of knowledge of disposed of wastes over the very long times of disposal projects, and the management of the industrial heritage to limit the burden on future generations. Andra and BGE therefore plan to meet regularly and organize working seminars to promote exchanges on these issues. It is also envisaged to collaborate on specific topics where the sharing of our experiences would allow us to consolidate the relevance of our ethical proposals, dialogue in the territories, and technical or economic solutions.

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