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Managing non-electronuclear waste

A building dedicated to the management of non-electronuclear waste

The main purpose of the grouping building is: 

  • to receive, identify and control the waste collected from non-electronuclear producers (hospitals, pharmaceutical laboratories or other industrial sectors ...)
  • to store waste packages, on a short term basis
  • to package waste
  • to transfer waste to treatment and processing facilities before disposal or to temporary storage - for long-lived radioactive waste pending a definitive management solution

Inside this building, the waste is placed into different sectors according to their physical and chemical characteristics. As soon as the volume in a particular sector is sufficient, the waste is oriented elsewhere for treatment, conditioning (incineration, for example), disposal (at Cires or at the CSA for low-level waste) or temporary storage for waste pending the creation of a disposal facility. 

In 2016, 2,668 packages of radioactive waste were received at the grouping building, for a volume of 228 m3. 

1,590 packages of waste present in this building were transferred to another facility for treatment, storage or disposal.

Sorting and Processing building for non-electronuclear waste

Some waste grouped at Cires is transferred to the adjoining facility dedicated to sorting and treatment / processing. This facility provides the following :

  • Treatment of scintillation vials
    • Crushing
    • Separation of solids and liquids
    • Cementation of solids
  • Liquid waste treatment
    • Physico-chemical tests on liquid mixtures
    • Blending of liquid waste by family (solvents, oily, aqueous)
  • Solid Waste Treatment
    • X-ray solid waste package controls
    • Reconditioning non-compliant packages
  • Dismantling lightning rod heads (coming soon)