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Operational facilities

Operational disposal solutions now exist for very low-level waste (VLLW) and for low- and intermediate-level short-lived waste (LILW-SL). Waste belonging to these categories are emplaced in surface disposal facilities designed in view of their specific radioactivity levels and half-lives.

The Industrial facility for grouping, sorting and Very-Low Level waste (VLLW) disposal facility (CIRES)

The CIRES is a Very-Low Level Waste disposal facility, and also hosts facilities for the management of non-electronuclear waste (produced outside of NPPs and large nuclear research facilities), for grouping, sorting, and temporary storing waste . It is located in Morvilliers, in the Aube district.

The Aube waste disposal facility (CSA)

Waste disposed at CSA is conditioned in concrete or metal packages. Waste packages are placed in reinforced concrete repository structures 25 metres square and 8 metres high, that are constructed as needed. Once they are filled, the structures are closed with a concrete slab and then sealed with an impermeable coat. At the end of operations, a cap formed mainly of clay will be placed over the structures to ensure long-term waste containment. The CSA waste disposal facility will then be monitored for 300 years.

The Manche disposal facility (CSM)

At the very tip of the Cotentin peninsula in Normandy, Andra monitors the first disposal facility built for low- and intermediate-level radioactive waste ever opened in France.