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Consultancy on Radioactive Waste management issues

In view of the scope of Andra’s activities in France (sole waste management agency), we can bring forward the adequate profiles for carrying out consultancy work on the related subjects such as waste management strategy, Waste Management Organization set-up, waste inventory, waste management plan, given waste stream project management. This list is indicative and we can contribute to your thinking on many high-level radioactive waste related issues, bringing the adequate experts and benefiting from our own feedback on these issues, knowing Andra has been managing all categories of waste produced in France since its creation in 1991.

Andra representative presents the non-electronuclear disposal facility siting process in Australia

In addition to benefiting from our activities in France, our staff is experienced in dealing with the sensitive issues that consultancy activities can raise.

Related experiences are the following:

  • Costing of disposal solutions, in many countries.
  • Overall development plan for a Deep Geological Repository, Hungary.
  • Waste management strategy, Roumania.
  • Compiling and organizing a national inventory of radioactive waste and materials, South Africa.
  • Study on various reactor types and their waste production, Uruguay.
  • Assistance in the organization of the radioactive waste management industry, Turkey, Ukraine.
  • Inventory methodology, Japan.


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