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The National Inventory legal framework

The law of 28 June 2006, now codified in the Environmental Code, provides for Andra to update annually and publish this information every three years in the form of the present "National Inventory of Radioactive Materials and Waste". Its strives to provide as complete and comprehensive a view as possible of the nature, quantity and location of all radioactive materials and waste.

The Environment Code instructs Andra "to establish, update and publish every three years the Inventory of radioactive materials and waste present in France and their location on the national territory ".  The Agency's mission is to inform the public about the nature and location of radioactive waste. The law also defines the reporting obligations of producers and owners of radioactive materials and waste.

The National Inventory also contains information on waste storage required by the National Plan for the Management of Radioactive Materials and Waste (PNGMDR) [IV].

For the 2015 edition of the National Inventory, the existing waste stocks are established at the end of 2013, the forecasts are established between 2020 and 2030

A Steering Committee (COPIL) of the National Inventory has been created for the sake of transparency and efficiency. It allows to share a consensual vision of this inventory. The main mission of the COPIL is to validate the assumptions necessary for the realization of the National Inventory and the main conclusions resulting from the analysis of the declarations before these are made public. It must also ensure that the information is transmitted to the public in the greatest possible transparency. Representatives of the administrations concerned (Ministry of the Environment and Ministry in charge of Energy), representatives of the Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN), representatives of the main producers of waste (nuclear power and non-nuclear power), a representative of the Parliamentary Office for the Evaluation of Scientific and Technological Options (OPECST) and a representative of the High Committee for Transparency and Information on Nuclear Safety (HCTISN) as observers, and a representative of the National Evaluation Commission (CNE), also as observer, representatives of environmental protection associations and Local Information Committees sit in the COPIL.

An important role of the national Inventory is to fuel the National waste management policy, and the National waste Management plan, issued also every 3 years. It follows in this role the objective set by the EC directive on radioactive waste, requiring that each EC country drafts a national policy on the basis of a national inventory.

National Inventory of Radioactive Materials and Waste 2018

The document  provides a quantitative overview of material and waste stocks at the end of 2016, and of the radioactive materials and waste listed at 31 December 2016 for each economic sector. It also provides useful information on waste and material management in France.

/media/29782018 inventory

National Inventory of Radioactive Materials and Waste 2018