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Andra and NO RAO of Russia signed roadmap for cooperation - Douma deputies visit URL in Bure

On November 28, a delegation of 10 Russian deputies visited Andra’s Underground Research laboratory in Bure, and a roadmap for cooperation was signed by NO RAO and Andra

The members of the Energy Committee of Douma, the Russian National Assembly, came to France in order to learn more about the French nuclear industry and  in particular, on its newest projects of national importance.

Thus, the delegation, accompanied by the Director General of NORAO, Andra’s Russian counterpart, appreciated the progress of ITER construction in the South of France first, then stopped by at the Senate for a discussion with Gerard Longuet, the Meuse senator and the President of the inter-parliamentary group France – Russia.

Finally, the deputies were welcomed at the site of the laboratory in Bure by David Mazoyer, the laboratory director, and by Sarah Dewonck, the deputy director. The visit of the underground galleries and of the technological showroom was complimented by the Chair of the Douma Energy Committee P. Zavalny who stressed the importance of the French – Russian cooperation in the field of geological disposal of the high-level waste, in view of the upcoming construction of an underground laboratory in Zheleznogorsk, Russia, by NO RAO. Andra NoRao

Importantly, on November 27, 2019 Igor Igin, the Director General of NO RAO, and Sebastien Farin, the head of the newly formed Direction of Foresight, Public Involvement and International Affairs of Andra, signed the Roadmap that presents main actions planned together by the two agencies for 2020. Among them, several training sessions, a peer review of a repository project, visit of Andra’s officials to Russia and the continued long-standing tradition of welcoming members of the wider public and mass media of Russian future host territories on Andra’s facilities –  in other words, the coming year promises to be rich in various exchanges and cooperation activities!


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