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Andra publishes the new French national inventory of radioactive materials and waste

As the public agency in charge of the long-term management of French radioactive waste, Andra's mission is to produce and publish, every 5 years, the National Inventory of all radioactive materials and waste. located on French territory. This new edition lists and makes public information on their origin, the state of stocks and their location as of December 31, 2021. Andra also provides prospective estimates of the quantities of radioactive materials and waste, estimated according to several contrasting scenarios linked to the future nuclear installations and France's long-term energy policy.

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The National Inventory Essentials

Every five years*, Andra publishes a new edition of the National Inventory of radioactive materials and waste. The content of this inventory is periodically updated and expanded by including the results of the forecasting and evaluation work set out in the National Radioactive Materials and Waste Management Plan (PNGMDR). 

Following the publication of PNGMDR 2022-2026, the scope of the National Inventory will change in its newedition,  published during in the last days of 2023, in order to: 

•Anticipate the needs for storage and disposal capacity and help to provide an overview of the choices to be made; 

•Improve the clarity of the information on the management of radioactive materials and waste. 

With this new edition , Andra updates, as it does each year, the National Inventory Essentials, which present the annual trend in the inventory of radioactive materials and waste produced in France. The 2023 Essentials supply an update of the France-wide material and waste inventory as of December 31 2021.

You can view all of the data from the National Inventory on the dedicated website at and as open data.


* Under the terms of Article L542-12 of the French Environment Code, as amended by Act 2020-1225 of 7 December 2020.