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Andra shares its scientific knowledge

PhDScientific valorization is an integral part of Andra's activities. as a member of the research community, the research and development (R & D) division shares, all year round, its knowledge with the French and international scientific world in peer-reviewed journals. It is also involved in a number of scientific events.

In 2018, the Agency published 43 articles in leading, A-grade, peer-reviewed scientific journals. Andra also contributed to the defense of 5 theses on topics related to the activities of the Agency. Finally, it went to meet the scientific community by participatingin 24 events, in France and abroad, such as EuroCorr, an international conference on corrosion, held in 2018 in Krakow; the 3rd French-speaking international conference, NoMaD, in Liège, on new materials and their durability; or the 26th meeting of earth sciences, in Lille.

"The scientific knowledge acquired over the last 25 years has always given rise to publications. Today, even if the R & D department is rather in a phase of consolidation of knowledge, optimization and innovation, so on more targeted topics, we still maintain this principle of publication, a guarantee of the

excellence of work and scientific results, "says Frédéric Plas, Director of R & D at Andra.




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