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Clay Conference is postponed to 2021

Clay Conference is postponed to 14-17 June 2021

In the context of the Covid-19 pandemy,  the conference organizing committee, in agreement with the Scientific Committee, made the decision to postpone this 8th Clay Conference for a year, considering the travel limitations and uncertainties on the possibility of organizing large events in the medium term.

The Clay Conference, initially planned in Nancy on 8-11 June 2020 has been postponed to 14-17 June 2021. 

In addition, it was decided to keep the agenda of the Clay Conference established at the beginning of this year, nevertheless offering the authors the possibility of updating their presentations or posters. All the authors and participants already registered will soon be informed of this postponement and of the new related procedures, by the secretariat of the Clay Conference.

ClayConf postponed
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