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Explore the international activities of Andra

A part of Andra’s global mission is to share its experience both nationally and internationally.  Over the years, Andra’s international cooperation has intensified through increasing and dense institutional exchanges and also thanks to its foreign business activities based on bi-lateral or multi-lateral agreements,  and commercial contracts, all of which enrich our practical knowledge and enhance our scientific and technical competences and contributes to a safer global management of radioactive waste. 

Andra's international activities may take several forms, but at its core, there is always the vast experience gathered through years of designing and operating disposal facilities, conducting large waste management projects, and the clear mission of sharing this knowledge with customers and partnering public bodies, Waste Management Agencies (WMOs) and companies engaged in the safe and efficient management of radioactive waste and materials.

The international activities of Andra are conducted by a dedicated department, part of the Dialogue and Prospective Directorate. This department uses the resources of the 650+ staff of the agency to actively participate in cooperation, assistance or commercial operations.

Andra also contributes largely to the multilateral activities carried out under the auspices of the  International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA, an agency of the United Nations), the Nuclear Energy agency (NEA, and agency of the OECD),  or the European Commission (EC)


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