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Focus on... Surveillance

On every facility we operate, surveillance and monitoring are key components of our activities.

This month Focus on...  first chapter presents the monitoring of operating disposal facilities, the Centre de l'aube and the Cires, and of a closed facility, the Centre de la Manche (CSM)

Assessing monitoring results needs a baseline reference status, to which data must be compared to to verify that the facility does not have an impact on the environment.

The Perennial Environment Observatory was created to define the baseline status before Cigéo is built and operated. Samples over a large area around the future Cigéo site will be analyzed and stored, for future reference in a dedicated facility: the OPE. This facility, and its activities, will be presented in the 2nd chapter of our Focus on... Surveillance



Chapter 1      Focus on ... Surveillance: monitoring operating and closed facilities 


Chapter 2      Focus on ... SurveillanceThe perennial Environment Observatory

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