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International Seminar on surface disposal facility Cover Systems

Andra organized an international seminar on covers of surface disposal facilities with Spanish (Enresa), English (LLWR) and Belgium (Ondraf) experts.

After a 1st day of exchanges of information and updates, the second day of the meeting was dedicated to the drafting of a cooperative action plan. Various topics have been included, such as the functional analysis of a cover, evapotranspiration, the evolution of a cover (taking into account erosion, compaction ...), monitoring and surveillance of the cover ....
Finally, a cooperation agreement has been signed by the four countries, which are the most advanced on the topic in Europe, for the creation of an exchange platform dedicated to cover of surface disposal facilities. It will allow joint studies and targeted research which, based on the experience gained by each agency, will allow faster progress in the design of "cover systems", a common and essential element for the long term safety (after closure) of surface disposal facilities.

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