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CSA: Aube disposal facility

CSAThe CSA is a surface disposal facility designed for low- and intermediate-level, short-lived radioactive waste (LILW-SL)

Located in the Aube district, in north-eastern France and operated by Andra since 1992, it is the second surface waste disposal facility built in France.

With a footprint of 95 hectares, it is licensed for the disposal of 1 million cubic metres of low- and intermediate-level, short-lived waste packages. The CSA is located a few kilometres away from another Andra facility, the CIRES, designed for very-low-level waste disposal, and collection and storage of non-nuclear waste.

For over 25 years Andra’s waste disposal facilities have been carrying out exemplary industrial activity in the Aube district, in accordance with strict rules and procedures, and full transparency, with its priority being the protection of man and the environment.